Providing Solutions...


The One-Stop Service - Bringing Sites Through Planning & Development

We have brought together a professional team comprising principals in leading professional services organisations to assist in realising best value in sites upon which development may not have commenced, or to assist in finishing sites which are semicomplete. The team members are committed to providing a no-nonsense and rapid response to queries, bringing together the expertise as required on a case-by-case basis, with the full resources of each organisation available as necessary.

We can assist as follows:

  • Reviewing current land use/zoning and making recommendations
  • Reviewing current planning consents and assessing viability
  • Making recommendations for site value enhancement
  • Preparing fully costed, commercially viable schemes for sites
  • Preparing certification for schemes that are in progress
  • Reviewing and addressing planning compliance issues
  • Resolving collateral warranty issues
  • Reviewing market needs & preparing a review in the context of likely end user demand
  • Taking a fresh look/peer review
  • Principal Involvement - you get Senior Level advice
  • Funding Strategies - structures and options
  • Business Planning Assistance


Our Approach...

Our Approach is based on delivering a realistic fact based solution that is actionable. This is supported by tested design and planning analysis with specific end user requirements in mind and backed up by financial appraisals. CFAT provides all of the Professionals together in one team that can co-ordinate their resources, intellect and experience to deliver a practical and workable solution. Our aim is to provide a result that satisfies the key requirements of our clients.